Baby dedication is a service we offer for free to our members in Victory Fort. We want you to have a momentous and solemn ceremony for your child’s dedication and for parents to be equipped with godly wisdom on how to parent your child/children.

We highly encourage you to get in touch with us at least 1 month before your child’s dedication ceremony. This will give you enough time to experience our Heart of Parenting lessons for parents, and meet with a parenting coach for 2 meetings.

Kindly follow these 2 steps as you apply for Baby Dedication:

Step 1: Fill-up this online form. The completed form will be sent to the parent’s email address.

Step 2: Email your requirements at Applications can only be processed upon submission of requirements.


  1. Online Form, attached with 1×1 pictures of Dad, Mom, and Child (you don’t have to send these separately if you have uploaded your photos using the online form).
  2. Copy of Marriage Certificate
  3. Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate (for children 0-4 years old only)
  4. Date and Time of Baby Dedication

After filling-out the online form and sending the requirements through email, kindly wait for the Pastoral Care Administrator to contact you for your schedule of Baby Dedication Parents’ Orientation.

For inquiries or information on Baby Dedication, you can email us at